The most beautiful days in life

The distant view loves it when tears flow at a wedding. Nervous flutter. Sentimentalism. exuberant joy. All good reasons to cry. And only these! Moreover, with such a location with such a sense of staging, you won’t need a handkerchief.


The distant view is at your disposal for two nights. So your dearest celebration guests can arrive the day before.

Take another deep breath during a joint excursion or a cozy dinner. And rely on the lucky effect of the distant view crane.


A special day calls for a solid base called breakfast.

A well-stocked buffet with milk and eggs from the neighboring organic farm awaits you in the dance cafe. Your nerves are already fluttering? Don’t worry, we’ll have prosecco in a minute.


According to tradition, the groom is not allowed to meet his bride in all her glory until the exchange of rings. The distant view interprets this in a gender-appropriate way, with the hair salon.

The strictly private retreat for the bride or groom along with their entourage is for dressing, drinking prosecco – and whatever else you can think of.


Yes, I want

Far more difficult than choosing a life partner is deciding on a ring exchange location. Three churches vie for your attention, one of them right next to Fernblick (keyword: red carpet!). For civil ceremonies, the distant view itself is recommended. He loves, as I said, tears.


  • Ceremony in Fernblick with registrar from Kirchberg am Wechsel


  • Pilgrimage church of St. Corona (right next to the Fernblick)
  • Parish church or Wolfgang church of Kirchberg am Wechsel (10 minutes drive)

Serve up
and toast

There is no better place than the Tulum Bar in the Fernblick Garden to receive the first congratulations over a glass and a few appetizers. Our own catering ensures that the butterflies in your stomach don’t suffer a fainting spell and that your cheeks are rosy for the photo.


A little bit of a set is allowed

When it comes to festive dinners, the Panoramasaal is in a permanent battle with the Lindenlaube. Just decide according to gusto, one of them is always offended. Culinary you choose from thoughtful arrangements for every taste and every price idea.


That’s how big the wide world is: The panorama hall is the centerpiece of the Fernblick glamour. Depending on the table arrangement, up to 125 people can dine here.

Decadent extra: the adjacent bar area, the dance café. Intended for all the little animals that no longer or not yet find their little place at the set dinner.


So sexy is weatherproof: The heatable linden arbor can accommodate up to 125 party guests. To dine, talk and sip cocktails.

No matter what the weather, mobile walls protect against rising winds and summer storms. After all, there are better reasons for goose bumps.


Adieu, Fadesse

For the party afterwards, Fernblick makes every wish come true: bubble machine? Cotton candy stand? Mobile ice cream parlor? Just add it! Music comes from the area-wide sound system, beamer and screen are ready for lovingly prepared. And if the neighborhood wants to go to bed? Wakes up the rock bar really.

Serve up
and toast

After the crane and the butterflies, now the tomcat demands your attention.

Sunday morning starts again with the usual loving Fernblick breakfast. If you do not expand on the extra, pardon, white sausage variant with small beer. Either way, after that, honeymoon away.

The most beautiful day in life

often presents itself with challenges. There is no wedding without a heap of organization and a to-do list that is at least as long as the bridal veil.

Niki Löwenstein speaks with the experienced wedding expert Bibi Schenk about mishaps, nerve food, gut feeling, and the unromantically magical effect of Excel spreadsheets. A distant view for the ear under this link:

Photo: Carmen and Ingo

Niki und Gerald

A memorably stylish place to get married – far from the ordinary, but not far from Vienna and Graz. And perfect for up to 125 guests!